I wanted to say that it has been a true blessing in so many ways since I have met you back in February!  I have known since that very first moment that I met you, that you were a remarkable person and woman in so many ways!  I feel so blessed that God brought me to the Nutrition and Wellness Center that day.  God has given you so many wonderful gifts and talents that you share with people everyday!  God is truly doing wonderful things through you and allowing you to touch the lives of so many.  For myself, you made such a genuine connection that day I came in and I felt the overwhelming presence of God.  Ever since then I have been able to see again and again how God works through you to help me, heal me, and make my body stronger.  I look at you and it inspires me to allow my heart to be open to HIM every minute of everyday.  Since coming to see you those many months ago in February, feeling lost for so long, your prayers and words of kindness have awakened that passion again in me that the Lord God is almighty and he is with me.  I once again feel centered and grounded.  I have refocused what is important in life and know that God always does have great plans in store for my life.  Over the past many months I have awakened my passions, my dreams, my goals, and most importantly started putting God first and for-most in my life again!  He has a wonderful plan in store for my life and I wanted to thank you for allowing yourself to touch my life that day in February to awaken me to HIS importance in my life!

I also wanted to share with you that when I came to the Nutrition and Wellness Center, I did feel as if I were a very healthy person.  I worked out regularly, ate well, and felt as my body was really healthy.  Yes, it was healthy, BUT seeing where I have come so many months later is amazing!  My progress and health has continued to improve in so many ways!  You truly are amazing at what you do and truly care!  I love to see you get as excited at my continued progress with each re-test!  I have shared my excitement and my progress with so many people since coming to you in February!  I want for everyone have the opportunity to meet you and experience what healthy can be AND what healthy is!  I wish that I had met you so long ago, but since February it seems like I have known you a lifetime!  Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts and talents with me, my husband, Dave, and with all of those that need you!  You will always be part of my life for many reasons!

Thank you in so many ways!  You truly are a blessing from God!