I can’t thank you enough for setting me up on a plan that would bring a new, lifelong habit of healthy eating back into my life. The 21-day cleanse program especially surprised me and helped me lose 23 pounds in that amount of time. I was glad to experience very few hunger pangs as the shakes and veggies kept me full most of the time. Out of curiosity I ran the numbers on the cost of the products I purchased from you and the fruit and veggies I purchased on my own and broke those down into per meal values. Amazingly enough, for those 21 days I spent less than $5.00 per meal. More importantly, my body no longer craves the sugars and junk food it once did and I can’t tell you how much better I feel.  So thanks again for all you’ve done and know that I’ll be referring plenty of folks to you in the days to come!