My journey to wellness began in July 2012 when I finally became sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  I was obese and taking prescription medications that only masked my real issues.  After my initial consult with Kristy and my first meeting with Julie, I knew without a doubt that the Lord led me to the Nutrition and Wellness Center for complete wholeness under your professional and inspirational guidance.

The first sentence I wrote in my journal which I started on 29 July 2012 after my first consultation with you was “This journal is dedicated to the cleaning of the God’s temple . . . ME!”  I am free from the bondage of food.  Food is not the enemy, but I had made it an enemy by my bad food choices.  My body is God’s temple and He cares about what I feed it.  I wanted to be cleansed both inside and out.  Under your guidance and using the tools you taught me, I am doing just that.  In a little over a year, I am 80 pounds lighter and completely off of prescription medications!

My journey is not over yet but each day is sweeter and sweeter because I have control over what goes into my body.  I thank God everyday for placing you in my life and look forward to the next year on this journey.  To God be the Glory!