After approximately one year since I first contacted you, I have taken some time to reflect upon my experience. When I began, my goal was to eliminate the use of prescription drugs to treat seasonal allergies and elevated cholesterol. At the time I had recently suffered through four separate sinus infections in a six month period.

Under your professional guidance, I have not only successfully eliminated the use of prescription drugs; I am clearly living a healthier, more energetic lifestyle. In fact, I have not had any allergy symptoms in over one year and my cholesterol tests have yielded more favorable results then when I was using a powerful prescription drug.

I am constantly asked what has made the difference. Sure, a combination of diet, supplements and lifestyle changes has been important. But, without question, your encouragement and attention to my specific needs has helped me to sustain a successful routine!

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me, my family and my extended family (Tribe baseball). I truly look forward to continuing our relationship for the foreseeable future. God bless you and your family!