Dan Barlow

I looked at the webpage for the Nutrition and Wellness Center a handful of times before deciding to make an appointment to see what it was all about. I consider myself a healthy person; I stay active through many activities, eat a healthy diet and so on. After my initial consult with Julie, I knew I wanted more. Julie did assessments and body composition testing, and helped map out a path for overall better health. I was amazed how my body reacted to some of the tests she performed which resulted with foods that I should shy away from. As I was learning new ways to increase my health from both Julie and Kristy, they were offering a seminar about the importance of detoxification. I attended the meeting, which by the way was fabulous! The 21-day program afforded me the opportunity to shed 10 pounds (something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now), and I have been able to keep it off. I believe that by eliminating all those toxins from my body, my metabolism kicked back in and hasn’t stopped since. And of by the way, I competed in a 5K and 8K while doing the program with great success. I’m convinced that a combination of diet and supplement changes has significantly improved my health. I’m sleeping much better now and never have a lack of energy. I cannot thank the Nutrition and Wellness Center enough for their assistance, friendship and smiles every time I visit.