40 Year Old Mother of 4

Tonight was a really tender/sweet night for me.  My husband is in WV with the girls so I’ve got both boys here at home.  This AM, my son and I talked about my introducing new foods etc.  Well, it turns out that he’s blood type O+ too.  A few comments between us throughout the day (as we were at VA Air & Space) and I could tell that he really liked being the same as me.  (Something in common).  We got home and he put on a TV cooking show and he wanted to cook “something different” in the kitchen for dinner.  He made some sautéed spinach and tomatoes, I heated up the sweet potato recipe (from the freezer) and some already cooked chicken, I lightly cooked some asparagus, and then even did a little combination of Quinoa with spinach and onion and garlic….basically bringing in some of the foods for O+ types.  I also had him try the Celtic Salt.

I can’t tell you how excited he was!  He took a couple bites and then started jumping up and down (literally).  He ate a little more and then started tearing up.  He’d give me a hug and then tear up some more.  He couldn’t get over how good it all tasted.  Then we snuggled on the couch watching a Veggie Tale movie…I can’t remember the last time my son was so content.

We looked in the baby books and found that 2 my other children are O+ too.  My daughter is A+ and I don’t know what my husband is.  Would it be possible to find out the foods for an A+ type?  I’d like to experiment with the others (just to see how they respond).  I’m really hoping that finding this out might greatly reduce the stress he seems to feel at this age (and hence also reduce the stress the rest of us experience because of that).  I’ll keep you posted!
Thanks so much!  It feels so good to be on the right track.