Tanya Morrison


Colon Hydrotherapy with 21 day cleanse

I lost 14 pounds and 2 dress sizes. The 21 day cleanse was easy to stick to and I was not hungry.

Everyone at the Nutrition and Wellness Center were helpful and happy to assist me and answer all my questions.

It was a great experience.


Tanya Morrison

Linda Reilly

Linda Reilly


I had my first appointment at the Nutrition and Wellness Center in January 2015 when I was 71. When I walked in the door I had a strong feeling of calmness and well-being, and I knew this place was going to be exactly the environment I was looking for to help me meet my wellness goals. My primary goal was that of aging gracefully, and Julie became my partner in that goal right away. She understood immediately that I am not comfortable with contemporary American medicine, and we have worked together to use her knowledge and techniques to make me stay healthy and strong. I do not want to take any prescription drugs and that is a goal of Julie’s for me as well.

Julie has many tests and methodologies she employs to evaluate health and wellness, and she explains clearly what she is doing and why, and how it will help her client. She and I have worked through this process over the past 18 months with excellent results. She was able to quickly identify food allergies I didn’t know I had, and to guide me on the right path to eating more protein which I really needed to do. She identified an emerging thyroid issue before I experienced any real symptoms, and she solved that problem easily and smoothly with the supplements and essential oils she uses expertly. She is an extremely skilled Naturopath and at every step of the way she helps her client set and achieve appropriate wellness goals.

Everyone at the Nutrition and Wellness Center shares and projects Julie’s warmth and caring philosophy. The Center is a wonderful resource for our community and I cannot thank Julie and her staff enough for the help they have given me.

Kim Van Eck


As of the end of June, I have lost a total of 30 pounds since my January 1 goal of focusing on personal health and well-being in 2016, the majority of loss coming in the form of a reduction in body fat.  All of my weight loss came without exercise due to a variety of unexpected medical issues, surgeries and personal family crises in the first 6 months of this year, which shows the power of relaxation, stress management, sleep, and what you put in your mouth- and for me at the right times.  Anyone of those issues could have been my excuse to derail the wellness journey, but I got the right support when needed from Julie and Jeff to keep me on track.  It is a process that requires commitment to the long road to wellness, and with now being able to incorporate exercise and resistance training into my daily routine, I am confident that the next 6 months will bring me even closer to my desired wellness goals, and make me even stronger than I already feel.  The power of Metagenics medical foods was obvious and I noticed an immediate difference when I started using it in January.  Not only I am at the lowest weight in over 3 years, but I am more focused and have much more energy, and slowly but surely my body inside and out is changing back to what it is supposed to be to keep me strong and disease-free.


Jessica Carmean



Watch Jessica's testimony about her daughter's journey to wellness.

Video Testimony

"We are getting our little girl back, thanks to you (Julie) and the good Lord."

"I am so excited because now I don't see her developmental delays as a barrier. I can see her potential."

"Just in that one month period of seeing you, the speech therapist said Amelia had talked more than she had during her whole therapy."

"When I saw that there was progress I knew there was healing and Amelia was not going to be like this forever."

Sabrina Levenson



Watch Sabrina's testimony about her continuous journey to better health.

Video Testimony

"It was very easy to do."

"My strength, my mood, and my mind are much better. I feel so much better."

"My daughter says I am much happier and my husband tells me he likes my attitude."


Lori Swain




Lori's BioMeridian results after 30 days.

Watch Lori's testimony about her continuous journey to better health.

Video Testimony

"It is worth every penny to feel good."

"To think you have to hurt the rest of your life because your mom did, your grandma did and you accept that, but its not true."

"I have more energy than I did 20 years ago."

"I start incorporating the oils, which I love. They are a miracle too."



Pam Maloof



Watch Pam's fun testimony.

Video Testimony

"In two weeks it was all cleared up, and I am not having allergy issues anymore."

"It (essential oils, homeopathics, herbs and nutrients) is the only way to go for me."

"I take all these little things and I feel great."

Kim Brown



Watch Kim's testimony about her continuous journey to better health.

Video Testimony

"I lost 13-15 pounds."

"I feel amazing."

"There is no pill that you can take that can make you feel as amazing as being healthy overall..."


Greg Calhoun

IMG_8502    CRS_0848


Check out Greg's amazing testimony of healing and weight loss:

Video Testimony

"I was very skeptical, but I had nothing to lose."

"I knew I had to commit 100%."

"I am going to give it all my effort, fully expecting to feel a little better, maybe lose a little weight...I felt remarkably better by the fourth day."

"We weighed myself this morning and I have lost 30 pounds."

"It was encouraging to see those early positive results."


Christene Cartwright



Click Here to watch her video testimony

.........fraught with many twists and turns is the journey towards happiness and or health and I found that you cannot do this alone. However I am blessed with a caring counselor, a magical masseuse and now a wonderful wellness team at the Nutritional and Wellness Centre. In just a few short weeks since January 15th this year my health has improved in leaps and bounds as follows briefly:

After a thorough personal testing assessment by Julie: where I learned about allergies and food intolerances: I collected my supplies to do my 21 day Purification Program.

The next few weeks were a radical change indeed for me...an adventure.

As an adjunct to my new way of eating and eliminating foods containing wheat, gluten and sugars that were causing me to be so ill there were enzymes, supplements, probiotics, colonics, sauna and close counseling and assistance by all of the Wellness Team. They were personally interested in my wellbeing at all times...Julie even phoned me to see how I was progressing.

This was such an important investment in my health after many years of doing so much for others at the expense of my own health. This is my time to care for and rediscover myself...to "Come alive in twenty zero five"

My gratitude is immense. I could never do this alone and am so thankful for the invaluable team work of "YOU, ME AND GOD"

Jeanenne Sweatman

Check out Jeannene's amazing healing experience:

Video Testimony













Kelly Liu


Every Thanksgiving after the big meal we go around the table and list ten things we are particularly thankful for that year.  The only rule is you cannot repeat what others have said.  This year, we bent that rule a little because my two adult daughters and myself were all thankful for Julie and everyone at the Nutrition and Wellness Center.  I actually had a few things on my list related to the results of working with Julie and the kindness she and everyone there has shown my family and me.

I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis and a congenital heart defeat as well as other less serious, but annoying medical conditions.  All of January I endured a severe debilitating Ulcerative Colitis flare up.  I decided on my own to try going gluten free.  After a couple weeks I was slowly getting better and I realized I might be onto something.

I met with Julie in mid February and my life changed.  She put me on a fairly strict diet eliminating some foods, adding others and adding supplements.  I have to admit that I was pretty scared because this was in contrast to the low fiber diet my gastroenterologists has kept me on to try to control my ulcerative colitis symptoms.  However, I was determined to find a better way to not only control my symptoms, but to actually feel better overall.

By the end of March, I was feeling much better than I have in many years (18 to be exact).  Blood tests confirmed how I was feeling!  Almost all my results were normal and for the first time in over twenty years my body was absorbing the nutrients it so desperately needs.  My daughters saw this remarkable health transformation and they both saw Julie for their particular health issues.

I have not had a bad Ulcerative Colitis flare up since January and that is a record for me.  I used to feel like I lived in my bathroom.  No more!  If the Nutrition and Wellness Center can make me so much healthier, I know they will do wonders for you too!



My 11 year old son had severe GI pain, with reflux and eczema. We've bounced around specialists for 7 years looking for a treatment plan that was more than medications to treat symptoms. We saw Dr. Julie in January and she recommended coming off all gluten, sugar and dairy. She also recommended a few supplements and probiotics. Within one month, he was almost pain free. His eczema had cleared and he was feeling better. Six months later and he's pain free! His symptoms have resolved AND he's gained 12 pounds....which tells us he's actually absorbing the nutrients he's eating! As an added bonus, our family has adapted his eating habits and we're all healthier!


Nichelle Hackney


The 21 day cleanse was an amazing and challenging experience. I was also doing a partial Daniel fast with my church so I didn't include any meat/fish until I ended the cleanse. After the first week of the cleanse, I had an increase in my energy levels during the day and I got some decent sleep at night. I really enjoyed the SP protein and fiber added to my smoothies. It really helped me stay regular. Also rehydrate and relax-tone are a real Godsend. I never felt dehydrated and relax-tone helped me relax during some sleepless nights. I can also see how eliminating gluten, sugar, corn from my diet affected how I felt. During the cleanse I didn't have a sick feeling after eating. When I finished the cleanse and introduced dairy back in my diet (I will try to continue to keep gluten and corn out of my diet) I had a little more mucus in my sinuses so I will probably add dairy to the food items I will try to eliminate from my diet. There are also some food products (not desserts) that may have added sugars that are too sweet to my taste now; that was an eye opener. Anyways it was definitely a struggle to stay disciplined with the cleanse, but I stuck with it for the most part and liked the results. The key now is to try and continue to make this my lifestyle so I can continue to feel good. Thank you for helping me begin my journey!

Nichelle Hackney

Connie Oszczakiewicz


I have been searching for someone to help improve my overall health and Julie gave me the wisdom, tools and confidence to do that and so much more. Her knowledge, common sense and calm demeanor has given me the confidence to try new things to improve my life physically, mentally and spiritually. I would recommend her to all looking for a more balance, healthy life, less dependent on prescription drugs and more in tune with your body's own natural ability to heal itself with her informed guidance.

Nancy Sturm

Thanks be to God, Julie and The Nutrition and Wellness Center.  I have had chronic sinus and allergy problems for many years.  Related challenges with my eyes and ears were getting worse and there had been little relief after seeing many medical doctors to address the problems.  In August I scheduled an appointment with Julie for an assessment.  She listened, assessed my body and designed a specific program to help with the chronic problems.  I noticed improvement within a month.  My healing is a process and involves physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.  We continue to adjust the program and I continue to improve.  Julie and The Nutrition and Wellness Center take a holistic approach to helping their clients.  They reinforce that each of us has the power within to make the best choices for our health and wellness.  Being led to Julie and The Nutrition and Wellness Center was the answer to many prayers.  I am humbly grateful to God and to Julie for the guidance, awareness and healing.

Dan Barlow

I looked at the webpage for the Nutrition and Wellness Center a handful of times before deciding to make an appointment to see what it was all about. I consider myself a healthy person; I stay active through many activities, eat a healthy diet and so on. After my initial consult with Julie, I knew I wanted more. Julie did assessments and body composition testing, and helped map out a path for overall better health. I was amazed how my body reacted to some of the tests she performed which resulted with foods that I should shy away from. As I was learning new ways to increase my health from both Julie and Kristy, they were offering a seminar about the importance of detoxification. I attended the meeting, which by the way was fabulous! The 21-day program afforded me the opportunity to shed 10 pounds (something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now), and I have been able to keep it off. I believe that by eliminating all those toxins from my body, my metabolism kicked back in and hasn’t stopped since. And of by the way, I competed in a 5K and 8K while doing the program with great success. I’m convinced that a combination of diet and supplement changes has significantly improved my health. I’m sleeping much better now and never have a lack of energy. I cannot thank the Nutrition and Wellness Center enough for their assistance, friendship and smiles every time I visit.

Pam Maloof

They make an extra effort to get to know their patients and find out what they need. They always remember me, spend time with me and answer all my questions. i am going to refer everyone I know here. I absolutely love this place. With the food plan and nutritional information they gave me I never feel restricted, and I’m confident that I can make healthy choices anywhere. What I really love about them is that they state of the art equipment. They always return my phone calls promptly and answer all my questions ; it  was great to be able to talk to such a skilled staff. I had had a stomach ache for two years and my primary physician kept telling me to take nexium. After my first visit with Julie she diagnosed my sensitivity to wheat and milk products. Once off those items, I have not had any stomach issues and I have lost 6 pounds. I feel great.


My journey to wellness began in July 2012 when I finally became sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  I was obese and taking prescription medications that only masked my real issues.  After my initial consult with Kristy and my first meeting with Julie, I knew without a doubt that the Lord led me to the Nutrition and Wellness Center for complete wholeness under your professional and inspirational guidance.

The first sentence I wrote in my journal which I started on 29 July 2012 after my first consultation with you was “This journal is dedicated to the cleaning of the God’s temple . . . ME!”  I am free from the bondage of food.  Food is not the enemy, but I had made it an enemy by my bad food choices.  My body is God’s temple and He cares about what I feed it.  I wanted to be cleansed both inside and out.  Under your guidance and using the tools you taught me, I am doing just that.  In a little over a year, I am 80 pounds lighter and completely off of prescription medications!

My journey is not over yet but each day is sweeter and sweeter because I have control over what goes into my body.  I thank God everyday for placing you in my life and look forward to the next year on this journey.  To God be the Glory!


After approximately a little over 1 year since I first contacted you, I  look back over my health issues and reflected on my experiences under your guidance and expertise. When I first came to you, my goal was to eliminate the use of prescription drugs for elevated cholesterol and to work on my gastrointestinal issues

Under your professional guidance, I have not only successfully eliminated the use of Lipitor; I am healthier and have a more balance life.  My digestive system is normal. With your expertise and guidance I am eating healthier and eating less of foods that are not good for us.

My Dr. said my last semi-annual visit “whatever I am doing keep it up”!  She also, like myself believes in herbs and nutritional advice. I am so appreciative of being able to get off my medications and look forward to working with you in the future.

I believe in your programs and I tell everyone about the difference you have made in my health and life. Without question, your encouragement and guidance in my specific issues have help me sustain my goals.

“Thank You” again for all your professional guidance. May God bless you, your family and continue to give you the guidance to help others like myself.


I can’t thank you enough for setting me up on a plan that would bring a new, lifelong habit of healthy eating back into my life. The 21-day cleanse program especially surprised me and helped me lose 23 pounds in that amount of time. I was glad to experience very few hunger pangs as the shakes and veggies kept me full most of the time. Out of curiosity I ran the numbers on the cost of the products I purchased from you and the fruit and veggies I purchased on my own and broke those down into per meal values. Amazingly enough, for those 21 days I spent less than $5.00 per meal. More importantly, my body no longer craves the sugars and junk food it once did and I can’t tell you how much better I feel.  So thanks again for all you’ve done and know that I’ll be referring plenty of folks to you in the days to come!

40 Year Old Mother of 4

Tonight was a really tender/sweet night for me.  My husband is in WV with the girls so I’ve got both boys here at home.  This AM, my son and I talked about my introducing new foods etc.  Well, it turns out that he’s blood type O+ too.  A few comments between us throughout the day (as we were at VA Air & Space) and I could tell that he really liked being the same as me.  (Something in common).  We got home and he put on a TV cooking show and he wanted to cook “something different” in the kitchen for dinner.  He made some sautéed spinach and tomatoes, I heated up the sweet potato recipe (from the freezer) and some already cooked chicken, I lightly cooked some asparagus, and then even did a little combination of Quinoa with spinach and onion and garlic….basically bringing in some of the foods for O+ types.  I also had him try the Celtic Salt.

I can’t tell you how excited he was!  He took a couple bites and then started jumping up and down (literally).  He ate a little more and then started tearing up.  He’d give me a hug and then tear up some more.  He couldn’t get over how good it all tasted.  Then we snuggled on the couch watching a Veggie Tale movie…I can’t remember the last time my son was so content.

We looked in the baby books and found that 2 my other children are O+ too.  My daughter is A+ and I don’t know what my husband is.  Would it be possible to find out the foods for an A+ type?  I’d like to experiment with the others (just to see how they respond).  I’m really hoping that finding this out might greatly reduce the stress he seems to feel at this age (and hence also reduce the stress the rest of us experience because of that).  I’ll keep you posted!
Thanks so much!  It feels so good to be on the right track.


I wanted to share with you how thankful I am for the purification program.  I have tried many detox programs but none where I was able to stick with it completely. That I believe is a result of your prayers and encouragement. It is amazing now that many foods, which charmed me, hold no appeal.  Other foods that seem appealing make me feel ill.  I have found a love for lentils and a desire for healthy foods above the others. Last night we went to bonefish grill to celebrate our anniversary.  We got appetizer…an appealing special treat…ugh it did not settle well.  It is amazing to me and I am very thankful.


55-year old wife, Mother, Grandmother, Teacher

Over a year ago, I started having continuous headaches. These headaches persisted day and night. I went to my family doctor who prescribed migraine medication. I took this medication without results.  My doctor then prescribed a different migraine medication, which had no results either. Another prescription was given to me to prevent migraines, again without results. The side effects of these medications were scarier than the headaches.  This back and forth to the doctor went on for several months. My doctor then wanted me to have an MRI. Still nothing showed up on the tests. My ENT doctor also prescribed an MRI thinking I could have a sinus blockage. After three MRI’s no one could account for my headaches. I finally went me to a neurologist. The neurologist did several tests and said I suffered from tension headaches. He prescribed yet another medication. I went home and read the side effects of this medication and was immediately concerned. During this time, I remember thinking that people in desperate situations, do desperate things. My life was spiraling out of control. As a Christian, I prayed daily for direction and healing. I then began to read about natural cures. I wanted to use natural cures for my headaches. It was during this time that my daughter told me about a friend of hers that went to The Nutrition and Wellness Center. I contacted Julie Mitchell and set up an appointment. By this time I was a complete mess – headaches, digestive problems, stress, and allergies. Julie set up a regime of nutrients for me that have changed my life. I am free of headaches. My digestive problem and my allergies improved, too.  As an extra bonus, I lost weight. I looked on all these incidences as a journey with God. He had His hand on me throughout my entire life and I finally let go and let God have His way with me. He has done and is doing so much for me. I realize that my body is a temple to Him and I want it to be in the best of health. I am so appreciative of the life God has given to me and I give Him all the glory. I truly believe that He sent me to Julie and for that I am forever thankful.


My entire life I had suffered from severe seasonal allergies which would cause me to catch the flu (despite flu shots) or a cold every change of season and I always had dark circles under my eyes no matter how much or how little sleep I would manage that night and I developed hypoglycemia as a teenager. I have also endured many gastrointestinal issues ranging from ulcers, to gastritis to gallstones – all before I was 20 years old. After my gallbladder had to be removed, I found that it was still not the end of my digestive problems and I started to gain weight despite a change to a “healthy” diet – I had cut out candy and sodas and followed countless diet fads like Atkins and South Beach but to no avail. Finally my husband suggested that I see a professional and together we found Julie Mitchell. With her guidance I cut out dairy completely from my diet and started replacing certain types of food with organic alternatives. Within weeks, the circles under my eyes disappeared; I began to lose weight without increasing my normal exercise routine, I no longer had many of the symptoms of hypoglycemia and by 6 months – I was healthier and happier than I had been in years. I have not suffered from allergies in the last two season changes, I have a much stronger resistance to all those sicknesses that float around the office and I have slowly but surely continued to lose the weight I had gained not only physically but mentally as well. The Nutrition and Wellness Center has helped me get back on track to a happy, healthy life with tips and easy guidelines to stay on that path. I am thankful and gracious for my experience and I know that anyone suffering from the problems I had should know that there is a way for you to get your life back.


I wanted to say that it has been a true blessing in so many ways since I have met you back in February!  I have known since that very first moment that I met you, that you were a remarkable person and woman in so many ways!  I feel so blessed that God brought me to the Nutrition and Wellness Center that day.  God has given you so many wonderful gifts and talents that you share with people everyday!  God is truly doing wonderful things through you and allowing you to touch the lives of so many.  For myself, you made such a genuine connection that day I came in and I felt the overwhelming presence of God.  Ever since then I have been able to see again and again how God works through you to help me, heal me, and make my body stronger.  I look at you and it inspires me to allow my heart to be open to HIM every minute of everyday.  Since coming to see you those many months ago in February, feeling lost for so long, your prayers and words of kindness have awakened that passion again in me that the Lord God is almighty and he is with me.  I once again feel centered and grounded.  I have refocused what is important in life and know that God always does have great plans in store for my life.  Over the past many months I have awakened my passions, my dreams, my goals, and most importantly started putting God first and for-most in my life again!  He has a wonderful plan in store for my life and I wanted to thank you for allowing yourself to touch my life that day in February to awaken me to HIS importance in my life!

I also wanted to share with you that when I came to the Nutrition and Wellness Center, I did feel as if I were a very healthy person.  I worked out regularly, ate well, and felt as my body was really healthy.  Yes, it was healthy, BUT seeing where I have come so many months later is amazing!  My progress and health has continued to improve in so many ways!  You truly are amazing at what you do and truly care!  I love to see you get as excited at my continued progress with each re-test!  I have shared my excitement and my progress with so many people since coming to you in February!  I want for everyone have the opportunity to meet you and experience what healthy can be AND what healthy is!  I wish that I had met you so long ago, but since February it seems like I have known you a lifetime!  Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts and talents with me, my husband, Dave, and with all of those that need you!  You will always be part of my life for many reasons!

Thank you in so many ways!  You truly are a blessing from God!


I need a picture gallery to express my praise to God for the miracle of healing that has transformed my life!  I give thanks to Him for His perfect timing.  Inspired by the words of Lisa TerKerst “nothing tastes better than peace,” my body needed healing and my heart needed peace, I met with Julie Mitchell for the first time in early February to learn about healthy food choices.  I received so much more than nutritional counseling!  God removed a thorn from my flesh!

God used Julie’s ministry of nutrition counseling and homeopathy to heal me.  Her wisdom and compassion, care and encouragement pours out of her passion for serving Him and her clients.  My life has been richly blessed!  The greatest blessing being freedom:  freedom to make choices about my nutrition and wellness.  I am no longer enslaved!

I praise Him for this miracle of healing.  I know it has been in His perfect time.  I thank Him for Julie’s ministry and wisdom.  I am grateful for His path to her office. “Nothing tastes better than peace,” His perfect peace.


After approximately one year since I first contacted you, I have taken some time to reflect upon my experience. When I began, my goal was to eliminate the use of prescription drugs to treat seasonal allergies and elevated cholesterol. At the time I had recently suffered through four separate sinus infections in a six month period.

Under your professional guidance, I have not only successfully eliminated the use of prescription drugs; I am clearly living a healthier, more energetic lifestyle. In fact, I have not had any allergy symptoms in over one year and my cholesterol tests have yielded more favorable results then when I was using a powerful prescription drug.

I am constantly asked what has made the difference. Sure, a combination of diet, supplements and lifestyle changes has been important. But, without question, your encouragement and attention to my specific needs has helped me to sustain a successful routine!

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me, my family and my extended family (Tribe baseball). I truly look forward to continuing our relationship for the foreseeable future. God bless you and your family!

Taneesha West

Jeff was so nice and has a zen personality. He was super helpful and informative. Thanks!

Melanie Felbinger

Very nice people. To get a sauna treatment is such a treat and so relaxing.

Katie Komarnicki

I can say that being gluten free/dairy free for 5 years has really helped me! Thanks to my nutritionist    Julie Mitchell for helping me! I lost a total of 60 pounds!

Anne Pulliam

I want to share my story of how the Nutrition and Wellness Center and Julie Mitchell have changed my life.

My mother was a petite lady who lived to be 93. She was very healthy- no heart problems, no diabetes, no lung or respiratory issues. Then when she was 80 she had her first stroke. She recovered satisfactory, but used a walker for the next ten years and lived with her three children. At 90 she suffered another stroke, which took away her ability to stand or walk. I am built like my mother and I’m very healthy and active. For the past 10 years I have tried to eat “healthy” to avoid having strokes. I watched my food intake, eating only high fiber and whole grain or multigrain breads.

I was invited to a Ladies Retreat where Julie Mitchell was a speaker. I had heard about her and wanted to attend, especially to hear her ideas. She spoke about how she based her approach for nutrition on the Bible and her talk interested me enough to a call up for a nutritional analysis.

After testing, Julie said I might have gluten intolerance and mentioned that milk products cause congestion. She sent me home with a modified “Mediterranean” diet, which recommended I eat 1300 calories a day (I thought I would starve!), no wheat and milk products for month, and to eat something every two hours.

I did exactly as she directed and I want you to know the change in me was astonishing! I lost about 10 pounds, but my body shape was altered unbelievably. I had no bloating! My abdomen had always been bloated and I have always had digestive issues. All of that was gone- totally. I had been bloated in areas I never knew about. I now have a waist! I actually went from a since 12-14 to a size 8 in slacks. Better than all that – I feel wonderful- no stomach issues at all.  The ceasing of milk products meant the ceasing of congestion. Everything Julie had said was true! I was like a new person.

It has been a year since that first visit and the tremendous changes are for real. All my friends and family would tell you I am a bit fanatical about going gluten free. Truly, gluten free freed me.

Thank you Julie and your staff (family) for the work you do. Not only in nutrient, but in weight management, detoxification and prevention of medical conditions. Surely Julie Mitchell and her Nutrition and Wellness Center has helped me “create a pathway towards health and wholeness.


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