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Comprehensive evaluation Initial Assessment: Price $299

During this 2+ hour appointment, Julie will complete a comprehensive gathering of information. She will do a body analysis to determine muscle and fat mass as well as intra- and extra- cellular fluid balances. A bio-energetic assessment will be done which measures the entire body’s organs and systems to determine balances and imbalances within the body. Julie will also do an adrenal function assessment, gather an iridology reading as well as tongue reading, and look at your health history. She will review other test results you may feel is pertinent from other health professionals you have on your wellness team. Finally, she will do a brief food assessment to determine proper nutrient intake. All of this will be done with the focus being on your specific health and wellness goals. She will put together a detailed, personal program that best fits your goals and needs plus supports imbalances you may have. Buckle your seat belt, and get ready for an amazing wellness ride!