Dental Assessment

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Dental Evaluation/Oral Health Assessments: Price $100 each
When it has been determined that you will need to have dental matters removed and/or added to your mouth, Julie will do a bio-energetic assessment for the proper materials to use. This is called  Dental Material Compatibility Testing.Julie will do a bio-energetic assessment of each tooth for energetic balances and underlying causes of imbalances. This is called Comprehensive Oral Health Evaluation.

Dental Material Compatibility

Having the right materials in ones mouth can make all the difference when it comes to over all body health. Julie works with biological dentists to determine compatible materials for restoration and/or in preparation for dental surgery. Call the office to discuss further or to find a biological dentist in your area. Julie recommends Dr. Peter Evans in Williamsburg, Virginia.(

Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment

Julie looks at meridian balancing of each tooth and addresses anatomical structural problems and focal infections or disturbances throughout the mouth.