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What is the BioMeridian?

*Safe, Non-Invasive, Painless Meridian Stress Assessment Testing Device

*FDA Class IIa medical device used to assess bio-impedance measurements at AcuPoints to determine stressed and weak systems or organs requiring support.

How does it work?

*It creates a circuit like an EKG or EEG using a highly sensitive ohmmeter

*It measures the impedance of the continuous flow of energy between each meridian point and organ

*It plots the collected data on the graph according to areas that are balanced, stressed or weakened.

*It emits a very low current on various AcuPoint locations on the hands and feet










What happens after the scan?

*Software program plots the data collected by organ and phase of health using color chart

*Julie will review the results with you and discuss the best plan for balancing your system

*Balancing plans may include dietary and/or lifestyle changes, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic elements, botanicals, essential oils, detoxification programs

Why do a scan?

*Provides objective data to identify organs and systems which may require additional support

*Historical comparison charts from past visits can help clients track the results to clearly see areas of improvements and/or other areas needing support

How should I prepare for this assessment?

*Refrain from using hand or foot creams on day of test

*Remove jewelry on wrists, fingers, ankles and toes, cell phones, and all electronic or magnetic devices

*If you have a pacemaker or any internal electrical device, you are not a candidate for a biomeridian scan

BioMeridian testing is not a medical procedure and our staff does not attempt to diagnose disease.

Allergy/Sensitivity/Intolerance Testing

The BioMeridian contains an extensive database of potential allergens including but not limited to environmental, food and chemical allergens. Using this assessment we can compare the frequency of these allergens to you as an individual. This gives us the ability to deduce if certain items may cause you sensitivities or allergens. The allergy test can be compared to that of an MRI or X-Ray in that it uses electromagnetic stimuli. Based on a study by the University of Hawaii, the BioMeridian allergy test had the highest degree of compatibility with a food re-challenge test when compared to other means of assessing allergies. A food re-challenge is where you avoid a particular food for a period of a few weeks and then reintroduce it into the diet to see if the body has a normal reaction or is sensitive or allergic. 300 double blind tests were used comparing allergy diagnostic tools to history, and the BioMeridian proved to be more accurate than skin testing (where an antigen is placed on the skin, and the skin is pricked to see whether or not a histamine response is observed) or RAST test (a test measuring specific IgE antibodies in blood serum) (Lehman, C.W.: The Leukocytic Food Allergy Test: A Study of Its Reliability and Reproducibility. Effect of Diet and Sublingual Food Drops On This Test. (Ann. Allerg., 45:150-158, 1980).